Fashion and confidence: unique fashion at work

Fashion, confidence, self esteem, all that goes hand in hand. Should you wear a certain style to please others? Or something that makes you happy? And what about unique fashion at work? Is there room for it in the corporate world? Society, friends, family, colleagues, strangers on the street…they all have an opinion on your looks…

Not too long ago I talked about my own struggles with fashion and most recently Lizzie, a UK Gyaru blogger, guest posted about how to have confidence when wearing alternative fashion. Today Duplica will tell us a bit about her own fashion style and how she navigates the corporate world dressed in frills and petticoats.

Duplica has been a Lolita style icon for decades and seeing her in a pair of pants is almost as rare as rain in a desert: it happens, but you definitely do a double take!

Wearing a fashion style that follows strict rules and is sometimes tricky to incorporate into everyday life, Duplica has been an inspiration for fans of this unique style all over the world. Make sure to check out her Instagram, it’s well worth it!


Fashion and confidence: unique fashion at work

When I was younger I did not have a lot of self confidence. Lolita fashion gave me strength and empowered me. I realized that it helps me in many ways and I rarely made bad experiences when I went out in public. Lolita fashion is a very cute style therefore most people think of princesses, actresses and movies when they see me walking in the streets. Usually I forget that I am wearing something different.

I know many people have separate closets- one for work and one for private life. I am in the lucky position that there is no need to make a difference. When I applied for my job I stated in my CV that I am part of the Lolita Fashion Association in Austria (named Gothic Lolita Austria, check out their Instagram), that I organized many events even with international star guests and have experience with working in media. Why should I hide these skills which I received solely because I was interested in some kind of weird fashion? Probably they will google it but that’s ok. I’m very transparent about my fashion style all the time which also gave me the freedom later to wear what I want at work.

When you start a new job you will probably get strange looks at the beginning, but the acceptance in my company is high. There are many unique people here and after all – it’s my work that counts, not my appearance. So basically I can wear what I want at work and simply nobody cares. I love this freedom.

Anyway, I would not want to work at a company where they did not accept my style or my hobbies. I live for being happy and it would not make me happy to hide myself.

I understand that for certain jobs it is necessary to wear corporate outfits but in my case I see no reason to wear something different just because of a job. To be honest I don’t consider my style different from „normal“ clothing which is maybe also the reason why I don’t own 2 separate closets. At least I don’t notice any difference anymore. And maybe my co-workers just got used to it. What is normal after all?


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