Inexpensive fashion is cool and trendy, but is it the best choice for you? Find out how to get more for your buck than fast fashion can give.

Why I stopped buying inexpensive fashion and you should, too!

Many of you probably expect to be reading another one of those "why you should stop buying fast fashion" articles ...
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Fall and winter lingerie and loungewear trends 2019

Lingerie and loungewear trends fall/winter 2019

I don't know about you but given the fact that you are here I can probably proclaim that you dig ...
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ASOS spring sale: my top picks, #shopping #spring #ale #budget #fashion #fashionhacks #style #stylehacks #springoutfit #outfitideas

ASOS spring sale: my top picks

If you've followed me for a while you probably know that I consider ASOS a great source for affordable trend ...
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Dress like Sabrina Spellman in her Chilling Adventures

It's literally just a few more hours until Netflix releases the 2nd season of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and ...
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Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out and keep you motivated to get fit and healthy

The best gym wear that will make you want to work out

We are halfway through February already and it's time to get ready for the new fitness season. Granted, there are ...
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The Order Antidote blonde girl sitting

The Order: Antidote fall/winter collection 2018

When you hear the word "Antidote", the last thing you'd expect - probably right after glittery pink unicorn muffins - ...
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Baker boy hat thumbnail

Fall Trend: Baker Boy Hats

No matter where you look, baker boy hats are currently all the rage! Originally worn by boys and men in ...
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Picknweight store berlin

Shopping vintage fashion by the kilo!

Media might tell us otherwise, but slow fashion is not only coming, it's already here - and has been for ...
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60s 70s fashion

Fall fashion trends 2015 – beware the 70s (and 60s)

Hello everyone, Yesterday I spontaneously decided to go shopping in London. Also I was curious to see the 60s/70s fashion ...
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Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s

Hello everyone, it's still August but fall is just around the corner. And with that fashionistas are eager to fill ...
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It’s getting cold, time for new coats!

Howdy everyone, it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter as well. Yesterday daylight saving time officially ended and ...
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