3 trends in Lolita I wish would come back

Howdy everyone,

now this is a difficult topic of the all famous 52 days challenge, mostly because I don’t care much about trends but wear what I like. But it’s part of the challenge – and it is a challenge, after all. Today I will only focus on Lolita fashion as this is the one I’ve been interested in the longest. Also all pictures were found via Google. If you are on the picture and want it to be removed form my blog, please contact me.

1) Tartan Check
I love Tartan check. Some of you might know that my first ever Lolita dress was a BTSSB Tartan JSK in red. I find them classy but cute at the same time. I am almost obsessed with Scotland and Tartan JSKs (not so much OPs or skirts) combine both of those worlds.


2. Old School Sweet Lolita

As nice as OTT sweet can look, I really like old school sweet without super busy prints but more volume and more frills.

3. Hats

They can look cute or mysterious, elegant or wild. They are so much fun to do yourself. And you can quickly create a very unique looks.


That’s it, those are my top 3 missed trends in Lolita. Looking at the pictures I would love to create an outfit or two and wear them while having afternoon tea in a fancy hotel in London *sigh*

2 thoughts on “3 trends in Lolita I wish would come back

  1. I don#t think they still do ut I remember me taking a picture of a Lolita doing that. I found it awesome. Will check if I still have that picture, but it's been years ago…

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