Summer to fall transition coats

The days are getting shorter and that means it’s about time to look into updating your wardrobe and getting your hands on some neat, new and trendy summer to fall transition coats! To be perfectly straight with you, I usually wear my coats for several years because a) coats are expensive b) not-so-fast fashion is better for the environment. Besides, I am a careful shopper and usually know how to make sure I don’t regret my fashion purchases.

I do love me some shopping though and I already posted lots of coats I loved a few years ago and I’d still buy each and every single one of them. But let’s have a look at my current favorites this year. Also, a click on the image will take you to their websites. Speaking of, here are a few tips on how to improve your online shopping, just in case I am tempting you with all these coats:


This coat looks cozy-cool! I love the button details!

Dark Zara transition coat


I saw this transition coat in store and tried it on. It looked a bit big on me but still kinda cool! I was looking for something else though, not a new coat at that moment. Also, you can’t see it properly in this picture but it comes with a hood.

Gray tartan transition coat


I saw this red coat in store as well. The color is phenomenal irl and the fabric feels good. It was just a bit too wide in the back for me.

Dark red transition coat by Zara


Such a nice color to transition into fall! It reminds me of pumpkins, although the coat’s not orange.

Curry yellow topshop transition coat


If that ain’t cool then I don’t know what is! I’d totally wear that! Actually… let me double check how much the coat is!
See-through transition coat by asos


Very elegant! Because it’s such a light beige it would work for spring, too!

beige asos transition coat


This screams “Blair Waldorf” and I LOVE it! This transition coat is so right up my alley, it’s not even funny anymore!

Black x green tartan transition coat, new look
New Look


I think this is the typical “blogger style” transition coat. Can’t really go wrong with it.

Gray tartan transition coat river island
River Island


Soft and fluffy! River Island really gets a lot of stuff right these days.

blush pink transition coat with faux fur collar
River Island


This coat is the perfect blend of “River Island” and “Desigual”. Like… Desigual off speed or something. Very chic!

Black transition coat river island
River Island

I think I want new coats for this season! I have to retire some of mine anyway, so there will be room! Which one is your favorite?



Transition coats

Transition coats

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