Guess what…? Stylish Guess outfits

… I made a mistake. Luckily I had the self control to fix the issue. Partly, that is.

You might wonder what this big mistake was ? Well, a few days ago I went to Guess? London. I go there quite often and usually I don’t feel the urge to spend my hard earned cash on their clothes but this time was different. Their current collection is just awesome and hadn’t I been able to use all my willpower and self control I’d have left the store totally broke. But – and don’t ask me how I did it – I left the store without handing over my credit card. I am still drooling over all those pictures in their online store, but I can handle it…for now. (I will sooo start checking the internet for affordable dupes after this post is live !)

So, as the selfless person that I am I took it upon me to go through their online store and collect a few pictures to show off the awesomeness that is their current stock. Not all items I saw in store were online, but I still got a bunch of amazing stuff for you. Get ready for a wall of pictures ! And just to make it clear:

a) all pictures taken from the Guess? website
b) sadly this is not a sponsored post. I’d really have liked to have all those amazing designs in my closet !

For now let’s start with tops

Button up denim corset
I love this one because of it’s color and design.
I can see it on top of a checked western shirt or
as a stand alone (so to speak) during summer.
 Faina top
Love the lose sleeves and the floral design.
It’s a bit thin for winter but could be layered over a tight
long sleeved top.

Now on to bottoms

 Military jegging denim pant
Awesome ! Love the color design !
Looks awesome with a tight, shiny crop top and some
transparent loose top on…well…top of it
for a chic but sexy party outfit.
Lamia chanting denim pant
I find the lace detail very cute. But don’t be fooled,
it’s not actual lace but a print.
The faded dark gray fabric gives the look
a mysterious touch
Animal optical print Beverly pant
I am a sucker for animal print anything really, so these pants
of course made it on my list.
Since the pants are already an eye catcher I’d combine it with
something simple, like a buttoned shirt, uni color and sleeves rolled up.
 Lucille jegging rocky mix pant
I like shiny stuff and these pants even have a very subtle pattern to them!


Shiny coated jegging pant
Guess? seems to have a thing for gold/bronze/metallic styles this season.
And what have we learned ? Right, I’m a sucker for most things shiny.


 Marciano python denim pant
Let’s be realistic here: who can say “no” to awesome animal prints ?
This one you can easily dress up or down. Think high heels and a shiny top or
heavy boots and an oversized flannel shirt
(maybe even showing off a sexy shoulder 😉  )


Marciano floral denim pant
If you love floral designs but winter in your area is
too harsh for your Liz Liza skirts ? These pants are a nice alternative!
Now dresses. I love dresses !


Gerdy dress


 Ooooh an oversized sun hat, a cute clutch
and high heels. I could see myself wear that while enjoying summer in
Italy or Paris.
Mirage Ingrid denim dress
This looks so innocent and romantic but at the same time quite sexy.
Wear with white or floral shoes and accessories to go for the former
or with orange or bright red for a touch of color to aim for the latter.
Oh, or with a blue denim jacket and western boots
for a cowgirl look. I need this dress !
Baya floral leopard dress
This has Blair Waldorf written all over it ! Love love love !
Florals AND animal print ? Heck, yes please !


Marciano fancy tiger dress
I don’t see the “tiger” here but then… I don’t want to argue with Marciano.
In any case, this is a very elegant but sexy dress for elegant evenings out.
I want it ! How much is it ? Ouch !
Let’s better get on to jackets…
Klava leather jacket
I held it in my hands…and drooled…and put it away.
I want it though ! It felt soft and nice…and it was shiny! <3
And so out of my budget…
 Abelia leather jacket
This looks like a shirt but it’s supposed to be a jacket. You got me fooled, Guess? !
The only thing I don’t like is the horizontal seam at the front. But since leather is a natural “product” (for a lack of a better word), you don’t get to decide on its shape and size.
Renee blazer
For those of you who don’t want to read and hear about shiny
 stuff anymore I’ve got this blazer.
While the cut is pretty boring the interesting color and
print makes it stand out.
Almost done now, only a few bags left…
 Miss Social uptown satchel bag
Very classy but with feminine details. If you want to impress someone
in a rather subtle way, if that makes sense to you.


 Palermo small flap satchel
I like the colors. A lot. It doesn’t stand out too much
but looks interesting anyway.
I’d say it goes well with denim.
 Wild child denim crossbody clutch
Unique! I really like it. Glamorous but not over the top.
Could dress up an otherwise casual look
and can even look fab in combination
with an evening party outfit.


Miss Social crossbody flap bag
It also comes in black x beige and light blue x white.
This definitely works with “softer” Gyaru styles such as Hime Gyaru.
I love how feminine and elegant yet girly it looks.
Alright, that’s it for today. I need to Pinterest a nice inspirational Fall/Winter wardrobe now. I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

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