Yellow summer to fall transition coat

Summer to fall transition coats

The days are getting shorter and that means it's about time to look into updating your wardrobe and getting your ...
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City outfit, beach outfit, casual outfit

End of summer lookbook 2018

August is coming to an end and with that we are fast approaching the fall fashion season 2018 - and ...
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OOTD France

Outfit of the day

Hello everyone, I am still in France, enjoying the sunshine and good food. But oh, the mosquitoes do their best ...
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floral dress

More shopping for fall

Happy Sunday, everyone ! Before you ask: I will review my Dresslink order as soon as I receive it. Now ...
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Shopping for fall

Howdy girls, It will be fall soon which means we have to layer up and update our wardrobe to get ...
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Every day sexy cowgirl fashion

Howdy everyone, Remember when I said "I got the internet at my new place ?" Yeah well, I remember that ...
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lace and pearls

A little bit of shopping – Post scriptum (sorta)

Hi everyone, I meant to tell you where I got my outfit I am wearing in the picture you can ...
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A lil’ bit of shopping

Howdy 🙂 With yesterday being the first proper day (weather wise) in weeks I decided to go on a little ...
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Combining other fashions with Lolita

Good evening Ladies, It's late and actually time to sleep. The perfect time for me to ignore my tired eyes ...
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3 trends in Lolita I wish would come back

Howdy everyone, now this is a difficult topic of the all famous 52 days challenge, mostly because I don't care ...
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How I first found out about Lolita and other styles

Howdy everyone, I hope your day was as sunny as mine ! I can't believe we get more than 2 ...
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My favorite Lolita brand

Good evening (again), We got to #6 of this challenge: my favorite Lolita brand. The answer to this can be ...
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