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Christmas is getting closer and you can tell not only by seeing all those “book your table for Christmas NOW” signs in any restaurant and/or pub you pass by (at least here in the UK), but also when you open fashion magazines. Any kind of fashion magazine. Why ? Because the closer you get to Christmas, the more scented strips you get knocked over the head with….which kinda…sorta… gave me the idea of blogging about my signature scent.

The story of how I found my signature scent is actually kind of funny. It was a bit like falling in love the moment when you least expect it. You know, when you’ve been looking for the perfect guy for ages and all you come across are boys that are cute, nice, handsome but it simply doesn’t “click”…? And then you go out with your girls, turn around a corner and run into the hottest man of our species you have ever laid eyes on ? Exactly ! That’s what I am talking about.

I had been trying out lots of perfumes and never found anything I truly liked enough to buy again. Until “that” day, that is.

I was walking home with a friend after a long day of shopping, happily chatting and talking about random stuff… until I noticed a truly amazing scent. I stopped, looked around and noticed a woman who had just passed by. I started to follow her and realized that whatever that perfume was, she must have been wearing it. I didn’t even think about what I was about to do…but the next moment I had run up to her and asked her for the name of the perfume she was wearing because it smelled like heaven to me ! “Why”, she said, “that’s Ralph Lauren – Romance.”

I thanked her, grabbed my friend and dragged him to the nearest perfume store. And there I found it: my personal scent of paradise:

Granted, it doesn’t look striking, romantic, fancy… But that’s not important. Important is how it smells, right ?

I have been hooked since the moment I met that woman many years ago. I haven’t bought any other perfume since that day, at least not for myself. Wait, that’s not quite true. I once bought “Ralph Lauren – Romance Always Yours” (or “Forever yours”, I don’t quite remember) but the scent differed and I did not like it.

I believe finding your signature scent is like finding the right guy. Once you found “the one”, you can stop searching.You can still enjoy perfume samples or looking at some hot abs but you know you can relax because “the one” is already at home, waiting for you.

Signature scent perfume Pinterest pin

Signature scent perfume Pinterest pin

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