A little bit of shopping – Post scriptum (sorta)

Hi everyone,

I meant to tell you where I got my outfit I am wearing in the picture you can see in my previous blog entry…but I forgot. Shame on me ;-;

I got the dress and the vest thingy in a small shop in Camden Town’s Stables Market. Unfortunately there is no label on them so I can’t tell you what brand it is. But if you happen to come to London in the near future and if you happen to end up in Camden Town, there are lots of shops that sell dresses like the one I am wearing. I say “near future” because sometimes shops in Camden Town simply…vanish. One day you think “whoa, that’s a cool one, I will definitely come back !” and the next time you go there it’s gone.

The shoes I got from Yumetenbo and I already posted a quick video about them.

After wearing them for a few hours I can say that they are still very comfortable, even though my feet were still angry at me because of yesterday’s shopping marathon. So all in all it is still a very good buy and I can still recommend them.

So, enough talking, the princess flat doesn’t take care of itself (it should, for that price !)

Here the picture again, a bit larger this time 🙂

And here the review again:

Have a nice Sunday evening, everyone 🙂


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