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Good afternoon, everyone πŸ™‚

I finally got the internet which means blogging will be more comfortable again.

Here in England the weather is getting colder, we definitely skipped summer this year. I didn’t even get the chance to wear half of my latest Yumetenbo order yet, it was simply too cold *sad*.
But since there is nothing I can do about that it’s time to look into building a fall/winter wardrobe and for this season I would like to buy a nice pair of boots – or maybe even two. In any case, I really want to buy a pair of OTK boots this year !

Of course I already checked out Yumetenbo again although they still seem to be in the process of stocking/restocking their warehouse. I should probably wait a bit longer before ordering, they might get in more boots.

In any case, I found 5 pairs of boots I liked and shortlisted:

Β I love the pink here but I would probably rather go for something a bit simpler, like black,
to make it match more clothes (and to make it look less tacky)

Β Here I love the Type B red and purple versions !


Those I’d probably order in black or one of those brown versions.


Β Uh, I love them all, no kiddin’ ! But London is not the cleanest place in the world
so I would probably not opt for the beige ones.
Again, even though I love the beige ones I’d probably rather go for
either black or maybe camel. Type A though.
I am so looking forward to make nice coords with boots this year =)
Has anyone of you ever ordered Yumetenbo boots ? If so, were you satisfied with them ? Please let me know πŸ™‚


Sexy boots for everyday wear Pinterest pin

Sexy boots for everyday wear Pinterest pin

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