How to invisibly fix and repair an open jacket seam

Have you ever been in the situation that a seam of your favorite outer wear was open and you didn’t know how to fix it yourself? Or did you go thrift or vintage shopping and saw a jacket you loved but that had an open seam? Let me guess, the end of the story was either it didn’t get fixed, it got fixed but everyone could tell, or you asked a professional seamstress to fix it for you. And we know that this can get damn expensive! However, if you want to learn how to repair jacket seams so that no one can tell it was ripped in the first place, please read on and share your wisdom (or alternatively this article) with your friends. Because today

I will show you how to invisibly fix and repair an open jacket seam!

The seam of the jacket in question had opened just under the right sleeve and there’s now a gaping hole. I will fix the hole invisibly from inside and I will show you exactly how I do that. You can either read my instructions step by step or you watch the video. But without further ado, let’s get started.

To get in between the lining and the outer fabric I check the lining of the sleeves for a visible seam. For my jacket it’s on the left sleeve but for your jackets or coats it could very well be the right sleeve, so you have to check. It’s never both, always only one.

I carefully open the seam and remove the thread. I am using a seam ripper in my video but if you don’t have that you can try it with sharp, pointy scissors. Whatever tool you use though, be careful not to damage the fabric.

Once I’ve fully opened the seam I grab the inside of the outer fabric through the hole in the lining and pull it inside out. Be careful but don’t be afraid, you can’t damage anything unless you are really clumsy or impatient. To repair the seam now I locate the hole in the outer fabric and use needles to pin both layers together. Now all I need to do is sew down where the seam has been before.

Don’t forget to sew forward, backward, forward at the beginning and the end of your jacket seam to make sure it doesn’t open again. Also be careful with the needles. The outer fabric of my jacket is PVC like polyester and it can be difficult to sew. For fabric like this it’s best to increase the length of your stitch to minimize damage to it.

Once done with that I search for the hole in the lining again and pull the jacket back through. The next step is to close the hole in the lining. For that I pull the whole sleeve inside out again… I pin the fabric in place  and then it’s off to the sewing machine once more. Forward, backward, forward, sew sew sew, forward, backward, forward and CUT.

That’s it, now I can pull the sleeve back out again and the jacket is done.

If you followed these steps you just repaired your jacket’s seam and no one will be able to tell it was damaged in the first place! Congratulations, no need to throw out your jacket anymore! It’s good to keep you warm another winter or two.


How to fix and repair jacket seams

How to repair jacket seams

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