Pretty Ballerinas – handmade shoes since 1918

There’s a rumor going around that women love shoes as much as kids love candy. While that might or might not be based on facts I cannot stop myself from telling you about this super cute hole-in-the-wall shoe store called “Pretty Ballerinas”. I stumbled upon this little gem in Berlin (yes, Berlin again). Good news is that Pretty Ballerinas does have an online store and they ship pretty much worldwide. But that’s not all, ladies! They have actual brick-and-mortar stores worldwide, too! So how cool is that?

Outside store view Pretty Ballerinas Berlin

But now back to business, or more specifically: the one I came across in Berlin. It’s crazy cute, super small and wouldn’t fit more than maybe 4 customers at the same time. They got shoe boxes crammed in from floor to ceiling, so you can spend quite some time trying on your favorite pairs. The staff was nice enough to let me take a few pictures of their setup and decor, because, you know, “pics, or it didn’t happen”.

Pretty Ballerinas flat shoe display at Berlin store

The Berlin branch sold mostly flats but they do sell a good number of sandals, sneakers, boots and what not online too. I personally wear flats, sneakers and the like quite often because I walk so much. Especially when sightseeing I easily clock 12 to 15 miles a day and heels are very impractical for tackling such distances, despite all those tips and tricks I know about wearing heels. Come to think of it, I bet Pretty Ballerinas have the perfect pair to go with one of Moni Novy’s beautiful dresses, since we’re talking about Berlin right now…

But back on topic!

I love Pretty Ballerina’s blush pink and gold color scheme! It’s so romantic, and I’m such a sucker for romance!

Golden baroque mirror and shoe display at Pretty Ballerina Berlin

Look at that chandelier!chandelier at Pretty Ballerinas Berlin

I was sold the moment I stepped into this tiny store. I know I said that they have an online shop but I’m serious, if you ever get to Berlin you should check them out in person and marvel at their cute, baroque displays!


Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas

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