Parish Window

I am all happy because I finally got my hands on a “Baby the Stars Shine  Bright – Parish Window” jumper skirt. I came across this print a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the print. However, since “Lolita” brand stuff is expensive I was not able to afford it when it got released in 2007. But then, just like 2 weeks or so ago, I stumbled over someone’s sales post, selling….exactly: a Paris Window JSK. It came in my desired color (ivory), it was affordable and it was just a few days before my birthday. Perfect timing as I got myself a wonderful birthday gift.

I hope I can somehow coordinate this into a nice hime outfit sometime soon.

Now on to the pictures (taken from who took them from the Btssb webshop I believe)

Maybe I should post my “wishlist” or “favourite prints” list as well…I will think about it.

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