floral dress

More shopping for fall

Happy Sunday, everyone ! Before you ask: I will review my Dresslink order as soon as I receive it. Now on to the “more shopping for fall” part. I couldn’t resist Yumetenbo and ordered 5 more items: Bolero in pink Sweater/dress in black with pink lips Round neck lace top…

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guess bag

Prisila wig order

Howdy everyone, The last few weeks…months…have been crazy. And last weekend was my first weekend off in…way too long! However, I wasn’t lazy but spent some time on making a Prisila haul/review video. So without further ado, here’s the video. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you decide…

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high heels

Beginners guide: how to walk in high heels

Howdy ev’ryone, Not too long ago there was a Derby in my area. And we all know, what that means (apart from the obvious, of course: racing horses). If you guessed “fashion”, well done! If you have not, no brownie point for you. Sorry. Derby fashion, that means chic dresses……

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