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Pretty Ballerinas flat shoe display at Berlin store

Pretty Ballerinas – handmade shoes since 1918

There’s a rumor going around that women love shoes as much as kids love candy. While that might or might not be based on facts I cannot stop myself from telling you about this super cute hole-in-the-wall shoe store called “Pretty Ballerinas”. I stumbled upon this little gem in Berlin…

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Moni Novy logo lady in red

Brand introduction: Moni Novy

I haven’t been so excited about a brand in a while! But I guess that much is obvious, what with my last brand introduction post having been published way-too-long ago! And that one was about bags… Well, today is the day that you hear (read: “read”)(see what I did there?)…

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Picknweight store berlin
girl on laptop

Top 10 tips for how to shop clothes online

It’s the 21st century and not only millennials love to shop clothes online. In fact,in the UK alone an astonishing 87% of online users have bought at least one product online in the fiscal year 2016/2017! With so much money being exchanged online one might wonder about the best way…

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