Victoria & Albert Museum London

Lolita exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum London

A wonderful Saturday evening to all of you, A few weeks ago I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to enjoy their Hollywood Costume exhibition. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures, so I don’t have any I could share with you. However, since I was there…

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Favorite thing to put on my head

Howdy and good evening 🙂 Today I’m gonna let you in on what I prefer to decorate my head with. You might or might not have guessed already but I love sparkling stuff. Like a lot ! I am like one of those:   Picture found on Google If it…

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What my own (Lolita) lifestyle is like

Good morning my dear readers, Today’s question is a bit of a tough one. Everyone has a different definition of “Lolita Lifestyle” and I bet you are no exception 🙂 I must admit, that I don’t “feel” like a Lolita. I love the fashion but I don’t wear it often…

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5 items a (Lolita) wardrobe should have

A wonderful evening to all of you, Now let’s start the challenge with an easy question. At least I believe that in terms of Lolita fashion this is an easy one. My pick would be: 1. a pretty jumper skirt in a flattering color and with a print of your…

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Dream dresses [Can I have it ?]

Since I already posted one of my dream prints (Baby’s Paris Window) I can as well post more of them. When it comes to fashion I seem to be a very complicated person. Right now I want to wear every style I am currently interested in: Lolita, Gyaru and Hime…

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