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Hello everyone,

I am still in France, enjoying the sunshine and good food. But oh, the mosquitoes do their best to eat me alive. I can be with a whole bunch of other people, all of them dressed in less than what I’m wearing…and those evil little things only go after me! Not pleasant, I can assure you! So I try to stay out of their way as much as possible.

That of course includes solutions such as fleeing to malls, where I already discovered a few new but great fashion brands! I already did a fashion brand introduction with focus on the French fashion brand “Lollipops” here, and I urge you to check it out!

I also have another brand in mind I plan to introduce on my blog, so stay tuned and look forward to it!

However, today I will shamelessly put the spotlight on my own outfit from a few days ago. It was a really warm and pleasant day. Living in the UK I jump on every chance I can get to wear summer outfits, so that day was no exception (although I had to change into protective gear: (read: long pants, long sleeves and generally way too warm clothes) again shortly after, to prevent those nasty blood suckers from attacking me).

So here we go, 30 seconds to Mars of my OOTD!


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