New design and a “shopping” trip

Howdy and happy late Easter πŸ™‚

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend ! Mine was good, despite the fact that I caught a cold or stomach bug or whatever I got hit by… At least that and 6 days off in a row gave me time to work on the design of my blog. I like it…but I know myself, I might change it again soon or add more details =p

A few days ago I went downtown to do some shopping but as much as I love all those shops we have in London, it is really difficult to find something nice and affordable. The only dress I ended up liking was about 300-and-something Β£…

I filmed a bit as well and tried to do some sneaky pictures. I did not get the chance to check the footage yet but will hopefully get to do that until the weekend. Unfortunately, filming and taking pictures is prohibited in most stores and the security guards make sure that you don’t use your camera. In any case, I managed to take a couple pictures when I went to Victoria’s Secret which opened in London not too long ago:


I also took a few pictures on my last trip to France. The general fashion theme was “20s” but since I don’t like the fashion from the 1920s you will hopefully forgive me that I didn’t take pictures of any clothes but accessories and shoes only:


Β I also plan to place a small order of clothes and shoes and hope I can show you my future purchases soon =) And last but not least, a picture of a…well…British Easter cake…I suppose:

Have a lovely evening all of you and again, happy late Easter πŸ™‚



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