What my own (Lolita) lifestyle is like

Good morning my dear readers,

Today’s question is a bit of a tough one. Everyone has a different definition of “Lolita Lifestyle” and I bet you are no exception πŸ™‚

I must admit, that I don’t “feel” like a Lolita. I love the fashion but I don’t wear it often for various reasions:

Lolita is an expensive fashionΒ 
If you really want to rock it, then you need a lot of money. Or space to make your own clothes. Unfortunately, living in one of the most expensive cities on this planet I have neither nor, so my Lolita collection is small, especially since I once quit it and sold almost my entire collection or even gave some to friends and charity for free. (It’s a bit of a shame now because now, a few years after I did so I feel I am not totally “done” with the fashion yet…)

Lolita is not the only fashion I likeΒ 
I am very much into Hime Gyaru and Gyaru as well. I want to do everything, so I kind of have to pick when I go shopping. Also due to me not being a teenager or in my superearly twenties anymore I feel that Hime Gyaru and Gyaru fit better into my everyday life, which leads me to:

Lolita often does not go well with a professional life
Even though I currently work in an industry and company where I could probably get away with wearing Lolita most of the time, I don’t think that it would be the best decision I could make in terms of my career. If you want to be taken seriously by leading business (wo)men your clothes should reflect your own professional attitude. So I believe it is best to keep Lolita (esp. OTT) out of the office.

However, I still like the fashion very much. I love to see beautiful Lolitas in stunning coords. I love frills and cuteness, cakes, cupcakes, tea and the like. I like to design and sew Lolita clothes and put all my energy into it while I was in fashion school and running my own Lolita label. I am part of various online communities and drool over Lolita sales. Like a lot. And once summer hits I hope to be attending a lot of meet-ups again πŸ™‚

So now, before I close this post, let me show you some pictures of me that were taken yeaaarrrrrsss ago. I can’t get my hands on “proper” Lolita pictures of myself at the moment but let me share a few of those with you anyway. I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

Have a lovely day, everyone πŸ™‚

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