My wardrobe turnover

Greetings, everyone !

I haven’t forgotten about the challenge, no worries 🙂 Even if it has been a while. I will try to catch up with this challenge in the next few days.

So, now about my wardrobe turnover. Like many others who accepted this challenge I am not entirely sure about the wording. I will just imagine it’s about how my wardrobe changed, and it changed drastically.

Skipping the usual fashion sins you go through as a kid and teen (and often even later on), I will go straight into when I got interested in Japanese fashion, as this might be what you want to read about most.

For quite some time I loved Nana and VK inspired outfits. From time to time I would get inspired and customize clothes I bought or already owned, such as the skirt I am wearing in this picture. I added patches I made from checked fabric (black Royal Stuart Tartan check for those who are interested in Scotland), lace, safety pins, chains etc.

I also love my hair color here, it’s like fire !

The following picture was taken in Tokyo in 2005 or 2006 or so, I honestly don’t remember. I got it in Korea and really loved it, although there are skulls on the skirt which I did not see at first (I don’t like the whole “skull” thing, I find it gross).


At some point I started to wear Lolita more and more often. Usually for meet-ups but later on at fashion school or just randomly. I already posted pictures of myself wearing full Lolita before, so I won’t post the same again.
I believe this one might have been among the first few Lolita dresses I made. Of course I only wore this kind of heavy make-up on special occasions only. I saw the dress and blouse in Mana’s artbook and loved it so much that I tried to get as close to the original as possible. For the blouse I customized a random one, added the collar and did the lacing.

The following picture was taken shortly before I left the hotel room to attend a Mois-dix-Moi Concert. Again, I only wore this kind of make-up because it was a special occasion.

I do realize now that I wore lots of black clothes, haha XD So the following one might come as a bit of a shock. Let’s fast forward a year or two:

Taken at a convention. I had to work so I did not plaster myself with accessories, but you get the general idea.

Again, let’s fast forward another year or so, to this:

Taken three years ago, this was the last Lolita meet-up I attended before moving to London. I have only worn Lolita once since then, to the London Tea Party with Juliette & Justine. Unfortunately I don’t seem to have any pictures of that although I thought I had taken some…

Last but not least, let me show you my first ever brand dress. It’s an old Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK and I loved it to bits:

Picture taken from

For this year my plans are to build a nice Himegyaru and Agejo wardrobe. I would like to add some Lolita dresses as well if they go with Himegyaru. We will see, where the journey takes me.


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