5 items a (Lolita) wardrobe should have

A wonderful evening to all of you,

Now let’s start the challenge with an easy question. At least I believe that in terms of Lolita fashion this is an easy one. My pick would be:
1. a pretty jumper skirt in a flattering color and with a print of your choice
2. a white blouse
3. a petticoat
4. a pair of cute, white socks
5. comfortable but pretty shoes in a basic color (black or white though I would go for white)
I think that with these 5 items you can already put together a pretty outfit. Also no matter what print or color your dress has, in most cases you should be able to pull off a decent outfit wearing a white blouse, white socks and white shoes with it. So if you buy different dresses or skirts, white will most likely look good with it.
Some of you might wonder why I went for a JSK instead of a skirt or one piece. The simple reason for that is that I like JSKs best. You can vary the outfit by picking a different blouse, vary the choice of your socks and also shoes. A one piece tends to look the same, no matter what you do. In regards to skirts a JSK simply pulls off a complete outfit much easier.
Now on to everyday fashion. Here I find the answer much more difficult but let’s give it a try:
1. a cute dress (I would opt for a short one)
2. over the knee socks
3. a pair of skinny jeans
4. a thin, pretty top with 3/4 sleeves
5. a light jacket
Now with these 5 items you are pretty much settled (and I did not list shoes on purpose). You can either go for a simple jeans/ top combination, wear the dress on its own or pair up your dress with the top. If you pickedΒ  your clothes well you can even dare to wear your dress together with your superskinny sexy jeans ! And no matter what combination you go for, a well chosen jacket will go with all your outfit combinations.
I hope I got you inspired to play around with your wardrobe a bit more πŸ™‚
So long~

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