Brand introduction: Moni Novy

I haven’t been so excited about a brand in a while! But I guess that much is obvious, what with my last brand introduction post having been published way-too-long ago! And that one was about bags

Well, today is the day that you hear (read: “read”)(see what I did there?) me finally rave about a brand again! This time it’s Berlin’s very own Moni Novy! I passed by some of their mannequins while sightseeing and was hooked right away.Moni Novy evening dresses and jacket

I love the innovative cuts, the flowy fabrics, the interesting prints! Many of their designs are one size, according to staff, but fit a wide range of sizes due to wrapping and draping the heck out of them! I talked to some of their customers in store and all of them were raving about Moni Novy! We agreed that trying on any design would inevitably result in you purchasing them, so be warned and prepared!

Moni Novy little black dress

I also had a little chat with the lovely staff and sneaked a peek into their atelier. All of Moni Novy’s designs are handmade on site and there is no mass production stuff going on. And while they do have an (English speaking, yay!) website, they do not have a “proper” online store. But you can check out their designs and send them inquiries if one or more of them strike your fancy.

Moni Novy

Moni Novy

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