Brand introduction: Lollipops

Hey everyone,

I consider myself one lucky girl because I get to spend some time in the beautiful South of France. Sunshine, high temperatures, blue sky, good food and French fashion; a very welcome distraction from the nasty weather in England.

During one of my fashion loaded trips to the mall I stumbled upon a brand I just HAVE to share with you! It’s called “Lollipops” and sells a lot of cute stuff! And when I say “a lot”, I mean “a lot”. Plus, they don’t sell fashion only but also accessories and make up! Cute make up! I mean, look at this stuff! Look! Look!

Super cute Lollipops ankle boots!
Elegant Lollipops peep toes. Very Blair Waldorf!

This bag is pure sugar!


More of a sporty bag
I love animal prints!


Cute make up bag. You can even fill it with their adorable make up!
Above pictures show some of their eye shadows (open and closed). They also have lovely accessories such as key holders, umbrellas and even suitcases!


I don’t know about you but I’m sold! You can create so many different kinds of outfits and styles with what they sell and you will always look unique!

And what’s even better: shopping there won’t necessarily break your bank (well it will, if you can’t stop putting items into your shopping card, but that’s beyond the point). Granted, I find some of their articles a bit overpriced (key chains for almost 20€ ? You serious ?). But the prices of other things are alright. You can get lots of their bags for under 100€ and their shoe prices are rather average as well.

If you want to browse their collections, head over to the Lollipops online store and website and let me know how if you love their concept as much as I do !


**P.S. All pictures by Lollipops

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