Brand introduction: Liu Jo

A fashion brand I always (read: always!!) drool over is Liu Jo. Their designs are elegant, sexy, sassy, edgy and glamorous all at once. Don’t ask me how they do it, all I could do is point at their collections and stare at you wild-eyed.As far as I am concerned, their designers are awesome. I love how they mix materials and go the extra mile with cut and design.

Look at this dress for example. It’s not just a simple “little black dress”, it’s a symbiosis of style and design. The fabric is slightly see-through and gives an airy vibe. The lace details in the sleeves and the front are sexy yet tasteful. The vertical ruffles make you look taller and slimmer. The flowy skirt is rather girly but is balanced out by the edgy (faux) leather belt in this picture.

Liu Jo little black dress

Here’s the stock image to compare, as I fear my cam’s flash was somewhat ruthless on the image. Also the belt is sold separately and costs a whopping 64 GBP.

Liu Jo little black dress

If you’re more into cute and elegant, it’s so easy to go that route as well. Pick a different belt or use a scarf as a belt, wear a beret, grab a cute clutch or small handbag and maybe a nice pair of wedges or Mary Janes and you’re good to go, especially if you pick those in a fresh color, such as this jacket here. (I think I would probably wear some Lollipop shoes and a Brighton bag with it, because I like it cute but elegant.)

Liu Jo fall outfit

I love how they mix textures and materials to create interesting looks. The above could have gone horribly wrong but the button details, the hat and the bold color of the jacket make the outfit stylish and fresh instead of old and dusty and the edgy purse on the right pushes it even more into the spotlight. I love it!

Liu Jo outfit and handbag

Granted, their items are definitely not cheap and to me count as “investment pieces” rather than “low budget”. But if you are looking to invest into a few stylish pieces, I’d say it’s worth checking out their website and stores. If you are unsure about shopping online, read through my tips and tricks before ordering.

Liu Jo black x leo print outfit

If I had the money I would waltz into one of Liu Jo’s stores and buy everything up to the last bit hidden somewhere in a corner under a clothing rack. I assume I am not the only one obsessed with Liu Jo’s designs; when I checked their online store I read that you can only buy up to 10 items per order. I am not sure if this is the case for all countries though, you might want to check with Liu Jo directly if you experience issues placing items in your shopping cart. And with this I leave you to drool over their current fall/winter collection. Enjoy. And don’t blame me if you spend more money than you bargained for.

Liu Jo dress and leather jacket combo




Liu Jo

Liu Jo

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