Shopping vintage fashion by the kilo!

Media might tell us otherwise, but slow fashion is not only coming, it’s already here – and has been for decades! Vintage is hip! Vintage is in! And now you can even shop it by weight! The weight of your chosen fashion pieces, that is, not your own. And considering the true cost of fashion, going vintage is an amazing way to make a point and do something good.

Picknweight store berlin

Interesting enough the first time I came across a vintage kilo store was not in London (maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention there), but in Munich. And now I stumbled upon several in Berlin. In fact, their business card tells me that they got a whopping 9 (in words: nine!) stores and they sell everything from leather jackets to boots to dresses to outer wear. All in superb condition, all previously loved and all looking for a new, loving home.

Bags in Picknweight store Berlin

How it works is that their security tags are color coded. You take the garment of your choice to a scale, punch in the color of the security tag attached to the item and voilร , the glorious machine tells you how much your item costs (hence the “buy by the kilo”). Sadly they don’t buy vintage in store, so you can’t make any cash there.

Clothes in picknhweight store Berlin

I must admit that I don’t own much in terms of vintage. I love shopping in fast fashion stores as much as the next girl but I still love the 50s. Circle skirts, petticoats, diners, rock ‘n roll? Sign me up! And when I laid eyes on all those vintage kilo stores let me tell you that I was totally over the moon and spent hours browsing their inventory! Sadly I was a bit short on cash and also didn’t feel like carrying several pounds worth of clothes around Berlin while sightseeing, so I stayed strong and refused to let my credit card take over.

Mannequins at Picknweight Berlin

If you’re curious now and want to give some of their items a new home, you can learn all about the store and their locations in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg on their website. Sadly they don’t seem to have an online store, but if you have a trip to Germany planned anyway it’s worth incorporating a stop at one of their locations into your sightseeing plans. And because we all luvs us some vids, here’s one of their official videos.



Vintage fashion bulk buying by the kilo

Vintage fashion bulk buying by the kilo

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    1. Oh really? I didn’t know that kind of shop exists there. But on the other hand, why not ? It’s certainly an interesting concept.

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