How to keep your clothes looking new for longer

I’m sure we’ve all been there, no matter if your favorite past times are vintage sales and flea markets or shopping brand new: eventually we come across an item that we would just LOVE to wear (or have worn time and time again) but by now it looks faded, used, old, and has fabric pilling all over. If you are like I used to be, you either don’t buy said item at all or you stop wearing it if it’s already in your closet.

I am not proud to admit that I let go of so many items in the past, just because they had fabric pilling all over them and didn’t look new anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I do have items that I’ve previously invested in and that have been in my closet for close to a decade! But I also love shopping as much as the next girl although I try to shop smarter after watching what the fashion industry does to our planet.

In any case, let me share three tips on how to keep clothes looking new.

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Problem: faded or outdated color

If you want your clothes to keep looking new, faded colors are your enemy! Luckily, depending on the item this can be an easy and quick fix with little to no workload involved. Not many people think of it when they realize their favorite tee has faded into pastel territory, but the solution is quite simple really: re-dye your clothes and they will look new again!

To be able to dye your clothing item, it has to meet certain criteria and I suggest to read the instruction leaflet of your fabric dye. You can only dye natural fibers. You can also not dye it in a lighter color than the original one and you can also only dye one color. What I mean by that is, let’s say you have a light blue skirt with red and yellow flowers on it. Now you dye it a dark blue. When you’re done your skirt most likely won’t show any flowers anymore, and certainly not any in yellow and red.Therefore I won’t recommend dyeing something patterned as you can never be totally sure about the result.

Top tip: you can also embrace the 70s-slash-90s and knock yourself out tie-dyeing your clothes. Since I have never done any tie-dyeing before, I cannot advise you on how to do it but there are plenty of tutorials online if you want to try it out.

I have, however, dyed all sorts of clothing items before, from denim to pants to tees etc. I usually used fabric dye by Simplicol* and only had good experiences with it.

Tie-dyed clothes


Problem: broken zippers, missing buttons and holes.

Missing or lose buttons are a no-go if you want to keep your clothes looking new! Luckily these damages are an easy and quick fix, even for a beginner.

Broken zippers, however, need an experienced pair of hands and eyes to fix. Of course it’s always good to learn new things in life, but if you are an absolute beginner I recommend asking a family member or friend who knows what they’re doing. Either that, or take the item to a seamstress.

When it comes to holes there is no one-way-fits-all in terms of ways to fix it. Solutions can run from ironing on cute patches to turning long denim into shorts, if you know what I mean…

One rather common problem is open seams and a-many people shy away from fixing them because they expect it to be difficult or to turn out bad. But let me tell you: as long as you have a sewing machine and know how to thread its needle, you can fix it and your clothes will look like new again!. Let’s make a deal: I show you, how to fix it and you tell me how it went in the comments, ok?


If you prefer reading, I published a separate article on this.


Problem: fabric pilling

Fabric pilling used to be such a big deal for me.. In fact, it was a deal breaker! Pilling automatically makes your clothes look old and used. I got rid of SO MANY CLOTHES just because of pilling, it’s not even funny anymore! All that wasted money… I don’t want to think about it!

I tried several hacks to remove pilling from using a razor to using sellotape…needless to say nothing worked. It either made the problem worse (thanks, sellotape) or it took forever to see minimal results.

One day though, I came across a magic gadget called a “fabric shaver” and let me tell you, it worked! In fact, it worked like a charm and now I can’t shut up about it! I use it on my clothes all the time now. Pants, jackets, coats, sweaters, even tights! (when I use it on my tights I do so while wearing them. It’s almost like shaving your legs then. I have a before/after pic for you and a video too, if you want to see how it works in more detail. Thanks to the fabric shaver I get to wear my winter clothes for a couple more seasons, and we all know how expensive winter stuff is! Honestly, if you want to only do ONE thing to keep clothes looking new again, use a fabric shaver and remove that darn pilling!

coat pilling before after




I went ahead and linked* some fabric shavers for you:

Philips fabric shaver (the one I bought):
Philips rechargeable fabric shaver:
Philips fabric shaver (charge with USB):

Philips fabric shaver (the one I bought):
Philips fabric shaver (charge with USB):

I hope that my tips will help you keep your clothes look like new again. If you tried out any of my tips, especially if you got to fix open seams in your jackets or so, please let me know how it went. Also if you have more tips on how to keep your clothes in pristine condition, please share!

How to Keep your clothes look like new Secret Crush On Glam

How to Keep your clothes look like new Secret Crush On Glam

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