How to

Fix open jacket seam

How to invisibly fix and repair an open jacket seam

Have you ever been in the situation that a seam of your favorite outer wear was open and you didn't ...
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Best materials to stay warm in winter, knitwear

How to stay warm in winter with the right fabric

Every year when the temperatures drop and knitwear and muted colors start to show up in stores, the second most ...
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girl on laptop

Top 10 tips for how to shop clothes online

It's the 21st century and not only millennials love to shop clothes online. In fact,in the UK alone an astonishing ...
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Shopping in mall

How to never regret clothing purchases anymore

To many people it is a mystery how to never regret clothing purchases. We all have been there at one ...
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high heels

Beginners guide: how to walk in high heels

Howdy ev'ryone, Not too long ago there was a Derby in my area. And we all know, what that means ...
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