Beginners guide: how to walk in high heels

Howdy ev’ryone,

Not too long ago there was a Derby in my area. And we all know, what that means (apart from the obvious, of course: racing horses). If you guessed “fashion”, well done! If you have not, no brownie point for you. Sorry.

Derby fashion, that means chic dresses…

fancy hats…


…and shoes, shoes, shoes (and I’m not talking ‘horse shoes’ right now)…


So I was sitting on a bench, watching dressed up couples and groups pass by and I silently wondered: “Why are they wearing high heels when they can’t walk in them ?”

Lots of them really looked uncomfortable in their shoes, waggling, stumbling or stork walking on perfectly even ground (well, as even as you can get it in British towns – no offense.)

So why do women wear high heels although they obviously don’t know how to handle them ? A big…huge…massive reason is: because it’s sexy – if you mastered the art of wearing stilettos & co, that is. But there’s a time and a place for that. So prepare well and conquer the world!

How to walk in high heels

First things first: if you have never worn high heels before, start (s)low. You don’t have to start your stiletto career 12 cm off the ground. That’s what kitten heels are for:

They come in various styles so that you can walk in style around the year. Low heels are a good way to start off and still look cute or elegant. However, it’s not only the heel that makes your shoe comfortable, among other things it’s the sole as well. When you look at the boots you will see that the heel is quite low. What you will also see, however, is that the sole is very thin. This means that you are likely to be in pain after a couple hours of walking. And if there are stones or branches on the floor you will most likely feel them.

The kitten heels in the upper picture have a little bit of a platform which will make them much more comfortable to wear over a longer period of time, so keep that in mind when you go shoe shopping after you finished reading this blog post.

The next step on your way to wearing those fab red silky stilettos of your dreams could be switching from kitten heels to wedges. They come in lots of styles and heights.

As you can see they exist in a variety of heights and styles. They are much more comfortable to wear than any other heels because they are quite stable and support your entire foot, not only the heels and balls of your feet while the entire rest is left hanging, so to speak. Your feet will have an easier time to carry your weight and hurt less. Also they should be the “heel of choice” so to speak if you plan on walking on grass or other natural and soft grounds as you won’t sink in so easily.

Wedges are great for getting used to high heels and can easily be managed by beginners.

Oh, before I forget… if you are worried about balance and stability, straps can help lots with this as well and you can get them in various styles.

A key word here is “Mary Jane”, which I am sure at least all Lolitas among you have heard already.

But now on to the next step in climbing the stiletto ladder. If you feel confident enough to go higher but are still a bit worried about your balance, get something high with a relatively chunky heel (and maybe even straps while you’re at it).

red high heels

These are already quite high but still have a little platform to make the entire experience more comfortable (and fashionable). If you’re good to go in those, then you will soon be good to go in these amazing shoes:

But wait, just putting on a different shoe every week in order to get used to it is only half the trick. If you want to look good, you need to practice walking. Yes, practice, I kid you not ! You can do it in the comfort of your own home or in your backyard (maybe not on grass yet though) if you want. But definitely practice before your “big day”.

So… I did NOT make an entire video about this but YouTube IS a good place to start. This is where I got you this pretty lady who will show you how to walk in high heels.

There you go, now you should be all set.

I will just add one, two more words of advice here.

I’ve worn my fair share of heels, platform shoes, wedges and so on and quite often people would ask me how I manage to walk in such high heels – although they actually were not that high. This usually happened when I was wearing either platform shoes or wedges and it’s a common mistake people make when gauging the height of a heel.

I was thinking of editing some pictures to show you what I mean but then I conveniently came across this picture which is just perfect for what I want to show you.

Now that’s quite some shoe we’ve got here. But all those colors will make you see clear in a few moments. When you look at the heel only it looks like a freaking high one, uncomfortable to wear. But now do the following in your mind: remove the bottom layers of the sole until you reach the yellow layer. That means for the heel you remove the green and the white layer while for the front you remove white, orange, green and lilac.

Now you only have yellow left for the front and yellow, orange, pink and wood for the heel. If you look at it that way, the heel is not such a monster anymore and it looks bearable, right ?

Now if you go shoe shopping in a few minutes and you see some wedges or platform shoes that you like but they look quite high and uncomfortable, draw an imaginary horizontal line from the front to the back and you will see how “bad” it really is.

Speaking of “bad”, I really don’t want to let you go without stating the obvious first: high heels are not really good for your body.


  • Don’t overdo it. (i.e. don’t wear them all day or every day)
  • Take breaks.
  • Always try to take a pair of flat shoes with you.
  • If you get pain, stop wearing them.
  • Make sure their material is flexible
  • Only buy comfortable shoes. If you found a hot pair but they feel uncomfortable: DON’T BUY THEM.  It doesn’t matter if they are on sale, look amazing or were handed to you by the sexiest shoe sales man in the mall. DO.NOT.BUY.THEM. You could face serious and long lasting health issues.

When you wear heels you mess with the natural posture and balance of your body.

Doesn’t look nice, does it ?

Or let’s have a look at this one:

I am not gonna post more of those pictures now. If you want to see more, just google “Hallux Valgus” for starters. Ill fitting shoes can cause lots of damage to your feet, back and even your muscles, so please be careful ! I am not a doctor, I am not an orthopedic, so I don’t claim that all information given here is correct. If you are in any doubt, please see a specialist.


P.S. All pictures taken from Google Images. I don’t own any of them. If you see your picture here and would like me to take it down, please contact me. Thank you.


How to walk in high heels like a pro pinterest

How to walk in high heels like a pro pinterest

How to walk in high heels like a pro pinterest

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