How I first found out about Lolita and other styles

Howdy everyone,

I hope your day was as sunny as mine ! I can’t believe we get more than 2 days of sunshine in a row, in this country, it’s really awesome !

After working on videos and hurrying from viewing to viewing for the past few days I figured it was time again to sit down and have a nice little chat with you.So, now, how did I find out about Lolita and all those other styles I love(d) and adore(d) ?
I think when it comes to Lolita for me it started similar as how it started for others. One key word here: Mana

I did cosplay for many many…many many years and at some point (like halfway through my cosplay career)  I came across Mana. I liked his style and started to cosplay him. But you can’t cosplay Mana without getting in touch with Lolita, so I did some research and started to like the style. As in…very much ! But since I was a poor student (*wipes away tear*) I did not have much money to invest into this kind of fashion. Plus, at the same time I got very interested in Visual Kei as well (yay Japanese bands, they are indeed bad for my bank account !) and decided to mainly wear Lolita during meet-ups and cons while focusing on VK inspired outfits in my everyday life. I do tend to love more than one fashion at the same time *sigh*. Again, my bank account is not happy about that…

As for Agejo and Hime Gyaru, I cannot really tell to be honest. I believe I came across an Ageha magazine and was stunned by the style.And for Hime Gyaru, since I still like Lolita I believe this one came automatically. the style is just too pretty to ignore it =)

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