The best gym wear that will make you want to work out

We are halfway through February already and it’s time to get ready for the new fitness season. Granted, there are people that start off on January 1st (or make that the 2nd, right after the New Years Eve hangover wore off). I am not one of those and I know that I am not the only one… However, spring is just around the corner and there is simply no more excuse NOT to get fit! Wearing athletic clothes helps me to get motivated, no matter if I exercise inside the gym or outside.

Since I am constantly on a tight budget I often shop the sales, but it’s difficult to find anything that is comfortable, affordable AND fashionable. I also have a very thorough routine for buying clothes in brick and mortar stores, but gym wear is quite expensive. So I shop in online stores that match my expectations of safe online shopping. Therefore Amazon is my go-to online shop for affordable fitness fashion. And since sharing is caring I will now share my current Amazon gym wear wish list.

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Sports tops and sports bras

In my opinion you can never have enough sports bras. Depending on the style you might not even have to wear a yoga top on top of it!

I usually go for high intensity sports bras that give a lot of support because I love dancing, volleyball and other high impact sports. I prefer sports bras with adjustable straps and an adjustable back because you have more ways to customize the fit and thanks to that you can wear them longer (in terms of years).


Yoga pants

In the colder months I love me some cute and comfy yoga leggins. I prefer nice prints over uni color, but I do own some uni color ones as well. Brownie points for pocket!

Gym shorts

If I know that I will get really warm during my workout, for example when I do high intensity exercises, I prefer to wear shorts over long leggins. Again, if they come with pockets it’s even better, because I can store useful stuff like tissues, keys and access cards.

Track suits

I especially like those for warm-ups, stretching or cool-down because I can throw them on when I get cold and take them off when it gets too warm. Even better if they look cute! I got some warm ones for the colder months but since spring is around the corner I am looking for something like these:

Gym bags

For years I simply used rather boring, simple bags or tote bags. However, in recent years I felt that it makes me happy to have colorful gym bags. I currently use a colorful duffel bag but I also dig these following ones. The backpack is super convenient and the duffel gym bags are so colorful, they ooze positive vibes!

Miscellaneous gym wear

It’s definitely not the 80s anymore but I love headbands nonetheless. They keep my hair out of my face and soak up sweat. Plus I think they look cute! I already got a few at home but it’s like how it is with sports bras: you can never have too many!


Those yoga socks are really cool! I don’t have any yet but I think I should get some for stretching sessions and pilates!

Comfortable shoes that give proper support are an essential part of gym wear outfits! Most people don’t replace them often enough. I usually replace mine after a year or wear because that’s when they lose support. I bought my current pair last summer so I’m already looking into a new pair of gym shoes.

My favorite DVD workout

I’ve been doing this workout on and off for years and I love it! It’s mostly a high intensity workout but the music is great and makes you smile!



Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out

Fitness looks that'll make you want to work out

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