Follow-up on my second Yumetenbo shoe review

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I am sure you remember my second Yumetenbo shoe review I posted at the end of April. For those who haven’t read or seen it yet, this is the clip I filmed


I haven’t worn them a lot or even long… Just a couple times and usually not for very long because I like them so much and want them to stay pretty for as long as possible.

So the day the black rubber (which turned out to be a cheap plastic cap) basically burst off came as a huge surprise that left me speechless. In retrospective the damage luckily wasn’t that bad and the shoe maker was able to fix it, although he had a pretty annoyed expression on his face when I confronted him with my lovely mules.

Now, about 8 GBP later, the shoes are alright and can be worn again (I hope for longer, this time).

I took some pictures of the damage that occurred:

In this picture you can clearly see the screw which was holding the plastic cap.
(I don’t think I’ve ever seen screws there, only nails. But I might be wrong)
Here you can see the shoes from the side.
The heel on the right hand side clearly shows that
the shoes haven’t been worn a lot.
This is the actual damage. You can see that the black stuff was
basically just a cap which was hold by the screw.
It kinda…burst…
Maybe I was just unlucky with my purchase, but in any case, if you bought these shoes or plan to do so, keep in mind the poor quality of the plastic cap. I really was disappointed of this.When I got them I carefully checked them and did the review to the best of my knowledge. Since I now know better I feel I have to let you know. After all, I want to do accurate and trustworthy reviews.
I checked the other shoes I have reviewed so far and those heels/rubber parts seem to be alright and of better quality. Though you never know…

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