girl on laptop

Top 10 tips for how to shop clothes online

It's the 21st century and not only millennials love to shop clothes online. In fact,in the UK alone an astonishing ...
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true cost of fashion

The true cost of fashion

I've been doing lots of research on different subjects. Sometimes I even ended up doing three things at once, which ...
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Brand introduction: Daniela Dallavalle // Elisa Cavaletti

Howdy everyone, If you follow me on Twitter you've already heard. If not, then go click on that link I ...
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60s 70s fashion

Fall fashion trends 2015 – beware the 70s (and 60s)

Hello everyone, Yesterday I spontaneously decided to go shopping in London. Also I was curious to see the 60s/70s fashion ...
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Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s

Hello everyone, it's still August but fall is just around the corner. And with that fashionistas are eager to fill ...
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dior movie

Dior et moi – Dior and I

Hello everyone, I love Netflix. It's a great place to discover interesting documentaries and this one is no exception. Some ...
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Fashion clips (Fall/Winter)

Good evening ladies and princesses, I've been waiting and waiting for them and today they finally got released the Yumetenbo ...
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floral dress

More shopping for fall

Happy Sunday, everyone ! Before you ask: I will review my Dresslink order as soon as I receive it. Now ...
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Shopping for fall

Howdy girls, It will be fall soon which means we have to layer up and update our wardrobe to get ...
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guess bag

Guess what…? Stylish Guess outfits

... I made a mistake. Luckily I had the self control to fix the issue. Partly, that is. You might ...
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high heels

Beginners guide: how to walk in high heels

Howdy ev'ryone, Not too long ago there was a Derby in my area. And we all know, what that means ...
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It’s getting cold, time for new coats!

Howdy everyone, it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter as well. Yesterday daylight saving time officially ended and ...
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