Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s

Hello everyone,

it’s still August but fall is just around the corner. And with that fashionistas are eager to fill their closets with the new trends for that season.

This year it seems we are going back in time (time machine, anyone ?) and revive the…wait for it… 1970s (again and with some 60s styles thrown in for good measure).

I am not entirely sure who came up with that brilliant idea but here we go, stores are already stocking up on warm (-ish) fall clothes and if your parents or grandparents have a secret stash of retro fashion (not so retro back in their days), it’s time to raid their basements!

Rebecca Taylor

Platform shoes, boots, flare and wide pants, it’s all coming back big time. Hey, I love platform shoes; and flare pants make your legs look a mile long ! Not sure about the high waist trend that comes with it (and that has been a hit among British teens for months already) though, it’s just not my style (I prefer pants low on my hips).

 Zuhair Murad

Another big trend this fall will be checks, plaids and that kind of thing. Channel your inner Scot (and watch some Outlander while you’re at it.).

  both MiuMiu

I must admit, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Like…at all. it’s just something that screams “cold season”, if you know what I mean…like florals for spring.  Same goes for the muted colors I’ve seen so far, although there will be a fair share of disco style sparkly-sparkly going on as well. I personally think incorporating something sparkly or metallic into your outfit freshens up the day, especially if it’s a gloomy fall day.

And because you can never have enough trends, geometry makes a reappearance once again and doesn’t stick to muted colors either. Ateliers like Dior and MiuMiu certainly appreciate bright colors.



With that being said, I feel only one question remains: when will designers finally ask their models to smile and not look as if they were about to burst into tears?


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