End of summer lookbook 2018

August is coming to an end and with that we are fast approaching the fall fashion season 2018 – and tons of ‘end of summer’ lookbooks. We’re not quite there yet though and since summer is my favorite season I am not ready to let go of it just yet! With this in mind I decided to celebrate (read: ‘cling to’) late summer by throwing on some outfits I wanted to for months (but somehow never got around to it) and filming an end of summer lookbook!

I think my favorite would be the beach outfit, it’s super flowy and soft!It was super hard to find a pair of flowy pants like this. Most either didn’t have a slit or they were simply skirts. And we already learn in kindergarten that skirts =/= pants. I got all excited when I found these, so I simply HAD to include them in my summer lookbook!

Girl on beach with orange top and flowy pants

The top actually has the button details in the back but I decided it looks cuter at the front. It’s more comfy, too. (I really don’t get the trend of having buttons down your spine, it can downright hurt if you lean back, say, in a chair or on a wall…). I also love the wedges! In general, wedges are so comfy to walk in, compared to regular high heels. And good for beginners, too.

The city outfit has that “sexy Librarian” vibe going on. I got the skirt on sale, iirc it was actually a winter piece, but the blues and greens remind me of the sea. I found color matching shoes too, so how cool is that?! I would admit though, that heels would look even better with this outfit. I tend to walk a lot though, so flats were more comfy in this instance.

City outfit skirt, blouse, purse

I’m also showing a casual outfit in this year’s end of summer lookbook, because. let’s get real here, we don’t always have the time or energy to dress up to the nines and it’s not always practical either. But white pants and a colorful top are always refreshing and give off good vibes in an instant! I love the little details of my coral colored top, like the bow, the cropped sleeves.

Girl sitting, wearing coral top and white pants

Casual outfit

Orange top with bow detail: Tempted
White denim: Forever 21
Necklace: Swarovski
Shoes: Heavenly Feet
Scarf: Orsay

Sexy beach outfit

Orange crop top: Zara
Flowey pants: Papaya
Bracelet: Takko
Shoes: Sperryt

City gal outfit

Blouse: Vila
Skirt: Pimky
Shoes: Deichmann
Purse: Guess?!
Bracelet: I honestly don’t know as it was gifted to me by a friend.
Belt: Post & Co.

And last but not least, and also because I’ve been talking about that dang ‘end of summer’ lookbook for ages now, here it is:


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