Dress like Sabrina Spellman in her Chilling Adventures

It’s literally just a few more hours until Netflix releases the 2nd season of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and I honestly can’t wait! After binge watching season 1, the Christm…Yule special and also loop-watching the trailers of Season 2 it’s about bloody time for more Sabrina! And since this is a fashion blog, what better way to celebrate than by getting inspired by her style and dress like Sabrina? (If you can’t get enough of Sabrina’s fashion style, check out my outfits that were inspired by season 3)

Right now the only source of new style information on Sabrina the Dark comes in the shape of the fore-mentioned trailers. And while you somewhat get the gist of how to dress like Sabrina (“And since when do you wear black? Trying to be edgy?”), it’s hard to pull together outfits when the trailers are so fast paced and dark. But don’t you worry, I did some of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Therefore, lean back, get inspired by my mini collection of Sabrina inspired style gems and shop the looks. (On that note: some of the links below are affiliate links which means that, at no extra cost to you, I may make a small commission if you decide to click through and purchase something).

Sabrina loves red, black and tartan check, so I hope you do, too!


Chilling adventures of Sabrina inspired outfits

If you want to dress like Sabrina does, you definitely need a pleated skirt! She loves them, so I picked two plaid skirts in Black Stewart check at two very different price points. I love them both and would get so much wear out of them! The Tripp NYC (1) one is the more affordable one. But as it’s sold by ASOS you guys know better than to wait too long, because ASOS often sells out faster than you can say “oops”!. The other skirt is by MAJE (2) and sold at Selfridges. They both go very well with this high neck jumper with wrap detail by Hollister (7).

I am also super excited about this red faux leather coat (5)! The design is interesting and unique, plus it comes in for colors: red, as shown here, black, gray and green.

Sabrina is also very much into Mary Janes (6), so I picked a shiny pair that comes in a whopping 20 versions, from matte to shiny, in oh-so-many colors! Don’t forget to accessorize with a headband (4) and a cute cross body bag (3) (by ASOS, so you better be quick!) and you are good to go!

Edgy business style is more your thing? Not a problem!

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina inspired outfits, dress like Sabrina Spellman

We already established that Sabrina loves red x black now more than ever, so you can’t go wrong with this tailored red blouse (8) (that actually comes in 10 colors) and this red cowl neck top with button details (12)!

In the trailer Sabrina wears her red blouse with a skirt similar to this high waist mini skirt (10) and her cowl neck top with a pair of elegant dark pants (11), currently on sale! The faux leather jacket (16) is by Levi’s and the shoes (9) are off Amazon and come in 18 styles and colors.

I found two belts similar to Sabrina’s and both designs have that “special something”, be it a gold hammered buckle(14) or a snake style one (13).

Again I found an amazing cross body bag (15) which is essential if you want to dress like Sabrina! It also comes in 17 colors, just in case you want more than one.

And because three is a charm and Sabrina Spellman a witch (terrible pun, but I go with it anyway): here’s a third collection just for you!

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina inspired outfits, dress like Sabrina Spellman

In the trailers Sabrina wears a yellow gingham mini skirt and while I couldn’t find the exact one she’s wearing, I found some perfectly fine substitutes in this checked button up skirt (17) and this flow-y pleated check mini (21).

It also wouldn’t be a Sabrina inspired outfit without a black turtle neck (22) and an edgy genuine leather jacket (19)!

The skirts contain yellow, so I went with the theme and picked some beautiful jewelry. I love the stylish liquid gold design of the earrings (20) and the necklace (18) gives off a mysterious vibe! I would pair this outfit with a gold x black bag and cute Mary Janes (23).

An since it’s still not quite time for season 2 of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina just yet, let’s watch the trailer just one more time!


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