How to dress like Sabrina Spellman in season 3 of her chilling adventures

The witch is back! And so is the everlasting question of how to dress like Sabrina Spellman in season 3!  Her style has evolved beyond red x black, that much is obvious. Creepy-cute is so last season. She now enjoys wearing harsher lines and strong, almost masculine collars. Also gone are the pleated skirts, at least for now. She still likes a good A-line, but with less to no pleats. She loves to dabble in 60s and 70s lines and patterns but at least stays true to her Mary Janes and headbands.

The way Sabrina dresses in season 3

reflects her increase of magical powers and confidence perfectly. Sabrina Spellman’s outfits look more mature which make them perfect for many occasions from weekends to college to office (to hell)! That means, her fashion style is not only fit for the Queen of Hell but also for mere mortals such as you and I.

To take inspiration from her style you don’t need to wear a black headband and cute, black Mary Jane’s if you don’t want to, but it certainly helps.(And if you want to build a wardrobe based on season 2, I got you covered as well) Also a red messenger bag is not necessarily essential, you can go cute or glamorous instead. It all depends on your needs and preference. Fashion is fun, so play around, experiment with different pieces and enjoy yourselves.

While I only blogged about Sabrina’s style a year ago, for 2020 I decided to upload a video to my YouTube channel on how to dress like Sabrina Spellman in season 3. I tried to find outfits that are as close as possible to what she’s wearing in the series while still be affordable for most of us. Because let’s face it, no one go that kind of budget that a TV show has…

Now here is what I picked to dress like Sabrina Spellman in season 3


O U T F I T 1:

Sabrina is wearing a blouse with rabbit print to reflect the focus (and title) of this episode, the “hare moon”. While I couldn’t find any blouse at all that had any kind of print that remotely resembled rabbits I went for the next best thing I came across: a shirt with chain print details.

Missguided: black faux leather mini skirt:
Esprit: chain print detail shirt:
Cache Cache: yellow faux leather jacket. I bought this a few years back, but a good alternative would be:
Swarovski: ring
Swarovski: necklace

O U T F I T 2:

For this outfit I picked two different tops. I just couldn’t make up my mind, so here you have it:
Y.A.S.: ruffle hem shirt in floral print
Stylenanda: foral printed shirt
ASOS Design: denim button pinafore mini dress in black

O U T F I T 3:

Originally I ordered the perfect lilac shirt for this outfit but later I got a notification saying it was out of stock and wouldn’t be added to my delivery. I searched in brick and mortar stores and found a similar one to what Sabrina wore in season 3 at Orsay. That’s the one you see me wear in the video. Howeverrrrr, seems ASOS now got some sizes back in stock, so let me link to the perfect ASOS one instead.
The dress is another tricky situation. It’s an h&m dress but it looks like it’s a special for Germany only. But I will link to it anyway.See it as inspiration.

Monki Piliian: organic cotton long sleeve shirt in lilac
h&m: bouclé dress
Swarovski: ring
Vendula London: handbag

O U T F I T 4:

I searched for a similar blouse to what Sabrina is wearing in the show but it was next to impossible to find anything remotely close (print wise). The closest I could find was this turtleneck top. I could have gone for a simple green blouse with a big collar instead but I feel that for this outfit getting close to the print is more important than getting close to the cut.

Weekday: space-dye knitted turtleneck
Vero Moda: faux suede mini skirt
Orsay: belt A good alternative is

 O U T F I T 5:

The beautiful white dress Sabrina wears for the hare moon festival. I love the design so much! It’s the perfect mix of long shirt dress and detail rich lace work. I just love it. Sadly I couldn’t find it anywhere. Similar to outfit #4 I had to pick between getting close to the cut or getting close to the materials/print. There’s no print here, but the material stood out to me more than the actual cut. So I went looking for a floral lace dress that still had a hint of vintage to it and came across this beauty you can see in the video. Since she wears that dress for the hare moon festival I paired it with a few of my favorite Swarovski pieces.

Y. A.S.: white lace mini dress
Swarovski: ring (or these alternatives: and
Swarovski: necklace

M A T C H I N G:

Also a perfect fit are these rings, earrings and bracelets by Swarovski:
Pierced earrings:
Pierced earring jackets:
Moon bangle:
Moon ring
Moon motif ring


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