Dior et moi – Dior and I

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I love Netflix. It’s a great place to discover interesting documentaries and this one is no exception. Some of you might know that I studied fashion design, so every additional glimpse I can get behind the scenes is an opportunity I jump on.

Dior and I is about, you guessed it, the famous atelier of Dior. But that alone wouldn’t be interesting enough to do a movie about. So the smart minds behind the movie (namely first and foremost film maker Frรฉdรฉric Tcheng) came up with the brilliant idea of following new Artistic Director Raf Simmons around while he worked on his first Dior haute couture collection (well he was certainly new back then when they filmed it).

The result is a stunning behind-the-scenes movie that not only features over-the-top talented designer Raf Simmons but also the team that transform his vision into actual fabric and stitches: the seamstresses of the glorious house of Dior.

In my opinion this movie is a masterpiece, combining the mysterious world of haute couture creation with the past, present and future of one of the biggest ateliers in the fashion universe. By featuring the team that work so hard behind the scenes to make the fashion show envisioned by their Artistic Director a dream come true, the audience feels so much closer to Dior. And last but not least there’s the Artistic Director himself. Raf Simmons is such a creative designer but also a human being and you cannot help but like and feel with him during the entire movie and especially towards the end, when his haute couture debut fashion show is only a few more moments away (keep tissues at hand !)

Official Trailer

Long story short, if you don’t watch this movie, you miss out on something great!
If you want to learn more about it after watching the trailer, head over to their website.
I’d love to hear from you. Have you enjoyed the trailer? Will you watch the movie or have you done so already?


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