Combining other fashions with Lolita

Good evening Ladies,

It’s late and actually time to sleep. The perfect time for me to ignore my tired eyes and write a blog entry instead. Today’s episode: “I don’t know what to wear !” Combining [other] fashions [with Lolita].

It’s a paradox: fashion is supposed to be fun and a way to express feelings and personality. At the same time various fashion styles have extremely strict rules. Ironically this is especially the case when it comes to Japanese fashion such as Lolita or various Gyaru styles. On the one hand they are worn by those who want to stand out, be different from the crowd or simply got bored of the main stream fashion style on constant display in their region. On the other hand they are often worn by those who actually don’t dare to be different or stand out.

With virtual gossip corners like Behind The Bows and Gyaru Secrets many of those who would love to mix and match don’t dare to do so because they fear negative comments. Which is sad. As in: very.

Combining fashion styles can lead to new trends or sub categories. We are fortunate enough to live in a world and time where (aside from some situations) we are pretty free in wearing whatever the heck we want and we should make use of that. The classic mini skirt wasn’t invented because Mary Quant followed the rules but because she dared to break them. Same goes for Coco Chanel and her breaking with corsets.

I agree that following rules (let’s call them “guidelines” instead, shall we ?) makes it easier to get associated with the style the person wants to go for. And of course it is perfectly fine if you are happy with that. But if you are an adventurer, by all means, go for your adventure ! Wear your red pin-up heels with your BTSSB JSK ! Combine sexy skinny jeans with a princess style top and tea party shoes ! Get that H&M sweater in lime green, add pearls and bows to it and wear it with your new black circle skirt! Be creative, have fun and maybe you end up hitting the nail on the head with one of your coords and it turns out to be tomorrow’s new sub style.


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