It’s getting cold, time for new coats!

Howdy everyone,

it’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter as well. Yesterday daylight saving time officially ended and that usually means that days get shorter rapidly. Although they actually don’t get shorter as we still have 24 hours in a day, but oh well. You know what I mean.

So with falling leaves, increased rainfall and lots of wind it is pretty obvious that fall has arrived and it won’t be long until it’s winter. Time to check if our closets are up to the task known as “OMGWTFWHYISITSOCOLD?”

Unfortunately I already noticed that my own closet will fail the test miserably. While I stocked up on jeans I’m still lacking…well… almost everything else. Which means… SHOPPING ! (voice from somewhere behind me: “Maybe not right now, I still have to recover from booking that trip and…” Oh shut it, bank account ! I don’t want to be cold !

So, uh, what did I want to talk about… Ah yeah, warm clothes. And that includes coats. Lately I have been browsing online stores and the like to find a nice one that’s not too boring and can be used for hime style. That turned out to be quite difficult, the style is just not “in” here and I am a bit hesitant when it comes to ordering coats from Asia as you never truly know how warm they keep you (plus all that nasty stuff called “tax” and “customs”..)

But I did happen to find a few coats that are actually pretty nice (even though they don’t work for hime style).  All of them can be purchased for 250 GBP or less (most of them much less).

Kinda cute with polka dots
Anna Field
I like the mixture of calm black and exciting patterned fabric.
 Asos, front and back
I love the color and cut. The buttons are not centered which
makes the whole coat more interesting and
the hem line is wide enough for wearing a skirt. Very feminine and cute.
I love the fur, it looks chic and warm.
Bellfield Tapestry
Quite playful and girly floral pattern,
the cut relaxed and sporty
I simply love the pattern !
 I am usually not that impressed by Desigual because
I find most of their designs “too much”.
This one still plays with pattern and material mix but
it’s much calmer than most of their designs. Very nice !
I was surprised to see that Desigual does simple designs like this.
The pattern gives a very royal and baroque impression.
 Leopard trenchcoat, yes please ! I love leopard print and
it’s nice for various gyaru styles.
This one is very simple but paired with some
sexy OTK boots it will look fabulous !
Ralph Lauren
More leopard print. Yes please !
River Island
Very simple cut. Wear it with nice black accessories,
a chic black hand bag or maybe even a furry
muff to dress it up.
River Island
Just sexy ! I love the shiny fabric, the
silver zippers and the fur ! Similar to the white one above but
will certainly take longer to get dirty 😉
 Ted Baker
This color is a-ma-zing ! While the cut is nothing special
(it’s a trench coat, after all…) the color
really spices things up.
Ted Baker
For those that are not into pink…
I love the belt detail here.
 It’s definitely time to get myself a new coat (or two).

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