Fall Trend: Baker Boy Hats

No matter where you look, baker boy hats are currently all the rage! Originally worn by boys and men in the late 19th to early 20th century, nowadays they are appreciated as a stylish fashion piece by women around the globe. Also known as Fisherman’s hat, newspaper boy, news boy or paper boy hat, you see them pretty much every-effin-where from college to job to catwalk.

On a totally unrelated (yeah, right…) side note, my latest fashion addition to my wardrobe is a baker boy hat by “& Other Stories” which I fell in love with on my first try! The material felt good, it just fit my head perfectly and I will of course link to it because sharing is caring and all that. Oh plus it looks cute to boot! I can’t wait to start wearing it! I will probably wait for the weather to get a little cooler, so that I can pair my news boy hat with some cute boots and a nice transition jacket or coat, but then it’s on!

I did so much research and came across so many materials and designs, there really is something out there for pretty much any fashionista. And that is my cue, let me share my favorite news boy hats with you and let’s start off with the one I recently bought, because #whynot. (It also means I get to start with my & Other Stories purchase, ahem…#NotSponsored, btw.!). Bonus tip: click on any image and you’ll get to the item in question.

I saw it on a mannequin when I entered the store. I made a beeline to the table, grabbed it and it fit perfectly! I was sold right away!

The second one I don’t remember seeing but I found it on their website later. I find it super cute, so maybe that one will find its way into my wardrobe too. Which one do you prefer?

And other stories baker boy hat
& Other Stories
And other stories baker boy hat
& Other Stories

I’m in the mood to go alphabetical today, don’t ask why.

I like this ASOS one. It’s rough around the edges, and truth be told, not only there, but it’s definitely easy to pull off during fall and so perfect for the autumn / winter fashion season!

Asos baker boy hat


I’ve never shopped at Boohoo before, but looking at their baker boy hats, I might as well try them out!

boohoo baker boy hat
boohoo baker boy hat


Animal print is in this season (maybe I should say “yet again”, but I won’t), so I was happy to find this news boy hat at New Look! It looks soft to the touch but not in a way that would mean it would lose shape anytime soon.

boohoo baker boy hat
New Look


I also found two beauties at Nordstrom and am contemplating adding them to my wardrobe. I like that they’re white and especially the first one is very unique and elegant!

Nordstrom baker boy hat
Nordstrom baker boy hat


Confession time: I haven’t had the chance to shop at Pretty Little Thing yet either. I see a lot of other YouTubers show off their nice designs though, so I definitely want to spend some $$ there! But back on topic, what do you think of this news boy hat? This one would be great for partying!

Pretty Little Thing baker boy hat
Pretty Little Thing


Considering that this season should be seeing a lot of checked prints, I didn’t find that many checked baker boy hats. Or ones that would look good in an outfit at least. River Island came up with something stylish though.

river island asos baker boy hat
River Island


And so did Stetson, of course! Stetson knows how to hat, after all! If you’re serious about buying something that will last, head over to their website and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Stetson baker boy hat


Now that’s cool and edgy! I’m totally diggin’ it! Well done, Urban! (No worries vegans, it’s faux leather.)

Urban Outfitters baker boy hat
Urban Outfitters


And for all the Zara lovers among you I got this one here. I tried it on in store but it didn’t fit me as well as the & Other Stories one, otherwise I might have added it to my collection on the same day.

Zara baker boy hat


I am sure there will be many more designs coming in stores soon, what with the fall/winter season having started not too long ago and all that. I’m curious to see what designers and high street stores will come up with.


BakerBoy Hats

Baker Boy Hat

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