Fall fashion trends 2015 – beware the 70s (and 60s)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I spontaneously decided to go shopping in London. Also I was curious to see the 60s/70s fashion trend that is OBVIOUSLY going on right now. You’d have to live under a rock not to get whacked over the head with that and I already made a post about the “Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s” a few days ago.

I say “curious” but really, it’s more of a morbid curiosity because I don’t like 70s fashion very much. Give me 50s and I’m your girl. I can also work with the 60s but the 70s are just not for me (though DANG, those flare jeans make long legs and there ARE a few exceptional other pieces here and there).

Anyways, I went to London and checked it out for myself. Unfortunately, since it was a spontaneous thing after work, I did not have a camera with me (not that it’d have done me any good, if you try to snap pictures security gets nuts here – sometimes even if you only snap pictures of their window displays).

But because I want to show you a few pieces anyway (and we all love pictures), I searched the marvelous place that is…wait for it… THE INTERNET!

H&M Dress
  above three: H & M
retro dress
 above two: Zara
Yep, retro right in da face! For the outfits on display in stores I found that H&M went all out (maybe they had pictures of their original 70s displays and just rebuilt them, who knows).
I’m gonna be off to France and Germany for a vacation soon, so I wonder if the 70s (and 60s) are hot there as well. I already compared the UK and US fashion trends in a video so if you’re interested in finding out how those countries compare, have a go:

So, what do you think? Do you find the 70s hot or not?


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