How to wash leather jackets

How to machine wash leather and keep it soft

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to machine wash leather items, like your favorite leather jacket, purse or pants, without totally destroying them? I certainly have! In fact, experimenting with just that cost me a very expensive handbag… It was a lovely blush pink suede leather handbag that I…

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how to keep clothes looking new secret crush on glam

How to keep clothes looking new

I’m sure we’ve all been there, no matter if your favorite past times are vintage sales and flea markets or shopping brand new: eventually we come across an item that we would just LOVE to wear (or have worn time and time again) but by now it looks faded, used,…

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Best materials to stay warm in winter, knitwear

How to stay warm in winter with the right fabric

Every year when the temperatures drop and knitwear and muted colors start to show up in stores, the second most asked question after “do I have Christmas gifts for everyone yet” is: “How to stay warm in winter”. Who doesn’t have a bazillion cute sweaters in their closet but still…

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